- Precision Turning

- 100% Turn-key Piece Parts

- 100% Documented Inspection

- API Tapered Threads
- Acme / Stub Acme Threads
- Butress and Casing Threads
- Fully Traceable Materials

- Exotic Materials

ROCKMM Manufacturing Inc was started in 2010, primarily serving large oilfield service companies like BJ Services, Baker Hughes and Weatherford.  We have since broadened our customer base and started to diversify the industries we serve to aerospace and others. 



our quality Statement

- 3 and 4 Axis Precision Milling
- Simple 5th Axis Milling

- Surface Milling
- Labor Only Parts
- Turn-key Fully Assembled Oilfield Tools
- Design Services

- Modern LED Lit 37500 SF Facility

ROCKMM Manufacturing, Inc. strives to be the trusted supplier of a diverse customer base.The company benefits their customers by exceeding expectations of quality and adds value by applying internal engineering and application knowledge to improve the manufacturing process to best support their needs.We believe the people of the company are the key to meeting this challenge.Safety, ethics and quality are stressed at all levels and are never compromised.Our personnel are encouraged to continually develop their skills and participate in the growth opportunities within the company.A robust system approach built around attention to detail, commitment to quality and improvement of efficiency will foster a loyal and diverse customer base.On this base, a steady workload will facilitate stable growth of the company to meet even more of our customers’ needs in a timely manner.




Our customers demand quality.  Nobody needs a bad part on time.  We do everything in our power to exceed our customer's expectations in the area of quality.  All products are traceable, inspected, and certified to ISO 9001 level requirements.

service highlights

It is often our expreience that we are more a partner to our customers than a vendor.  Their problems and deadlines are our problems and deadlines.  We have a strong reputation of the quality shop that will always come through in urgent delivery situations. 



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rockmm Manufacturing

The safety of our employees comes before all else.  There isn't a piece of steel ever machined or a deadline ever set that is worth more than our employees returning safely home every day to their families.